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Glass Collections

Sending glass to general waste is expensive and should be avoided. Glass that goes into general waste increases the weight of your bins and you will incur high overweight charges.

We collect your glass in separate 240 or 360 litre bins and take it directly to a recycling facility. Glass is the only resource that can be recycled 100% of the time as it doesn’t degrade as it goes through the recycling process. Depending on your needs, we will provide you with the number of containers needed for your site. A dedicated vehicle will collect your glass on your allocated collection day.

Glass Collections
Capacity Dimensions (M)
Glass Collections
240 litre wheeled bin
H: 1.24 W: 1.22 D: 0.77
Glass Collections
360 litre wheeled bin
H: 1 .35 W: 1.25 D: 1.06

We also offer optional extras such as bin cleaning and bin liners. To find out more enquire below:

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