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This year, the government will be implementing stricter legislation which will introduce mandatory separate food waste collections, with a targeted 75% recycling rate by 2030. We offer our customers separate waste food collections. This helps reduce overweight charges, reduces odours, reduces pests and increases your recycling rates. Your food waste will be separated internally using small food caddies and once full these caddies will be taken outside to your external bins ready for collection. Your food waste will then be collected by one of our dedicated food collection vehicles, which will take the waste to an AD (Anaerobic Digester) facility. Your food will then be turned into fertiliser that will be sent to the local farms for land spreading. The energy created will be diverted back to the national grid to power local communities.

Biowaste solution and processing
Food Collections
Capacity Dimensions (M)
Food Collections
240 litre wheeled bin
H: 1.10 W: 0.58 D: 0.74

We also offer optional extras such as bin cleaning and bin liners. To find out more enquire below:

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